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Grape Juice Scott does not give a fuck. Unless you give him a reason to. After that, god help you.

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Track Name: Dead Horse
Lo-Fi throwbacks
-Aided by a dub sack
Tacky but the passion
in my actions kinda lacking
Tracking only for the know fact
-Rapping aint my only trick
Bettin you don't know that
-Reckon you can learn it quick.
Stickin to that bullshit
Mostly cuz its easy to
Phone it in just like Sprint
-I don't do this just for you
Rippin off a grocery store
Cuz a homey gotta eat
Between the bikes and pedicabs
Every night I'm on the street
And every day I'm smokin weed
-Chase it with a cigarette
On a couch is where I sleep
-So I won't curl up in your bed.
Baby I'm an asshole
Someone shoulda told you so.
Girl they tell me all the time.
-How the fuck you don't know
I'm a let my soul glow
Till it's time to pay the bill
Disconnect in Nopo
Rep it like this shits a skill
Here I go with words at will
Shit I do it all the time
No one pays attention though
It might be the same rhymes

Coming back for blood I guess
But I'm gettin side tracked
Rainy in the northwest
Guess I should get used to that
I don't ask for much now
Never really did before
But I need me a cash cow
Caughing up like she my whore
Kinda sick of being poor
Sending you to voicemail
Sittin there in dirty droors
Sliding down the pay scale
Gotta get it when I can
All I own is in my hands
Got a lil problem though
I'm all supply and no demand
Filling up the ash try
Coming up with stupid shit
Got a lot that I could say
Whizzing through the conduits
No one wanna hear me bitch
Not a penny for my thoughts
Lyrics are a cruel trick
Conciousness can not be bought
I'm throw my hands up
People please don't follow suit
I do it cuz I gave
Fuck yall trying to raise the roof

Gotta rip a third verse
Just to keep it stupid long
I call it the third curse
This has been a pointless song
Maybe cuz I'm staying bored
Probly cuz I'm staying high
Everybody get ignored
You aint special in my eyes
Gotta take it as it comes
Gotta keep me off your mind
People must be pretty dumb
If they falling for my lines
I know when it's time to grind
Only when it pays well
Fuck a lot of 9 to 5
Fuck a lot of green hell
I'm a flog my dead horse
She can take me errywhere
That I never wanna go
Countin up my gray hair
spittin on your silverware
Rippin on a stolen beat
I aint got a dime to spare
Always thinkin on my feet
Gotta do a dirty deed
Just so I can stay alive
Always on the single speed.
I'm a take you for a ride
Callin on my dead horse
You know that it's time to roll
I been walkin in the rain.
How you think I stay so cold.